What We’ve Done

Our client list remains confidential. We bring more than 5 decades of combined experience in high level Crisis and Reputation Management services. Below is a list of Crisis Communications problems we’ve handled.

Food Industry: Tampering, Packaging, Contamination, Recall

Corporate Reputation Management: Mergers and Acquisitions, Shareholder and Investor Relations, Annual Reports and Regulatory Filings, Human Relations Issues, CEO or Management Accusations, Indictments, Convictions

Corporate Safety: Accidental Deaths and Injuries

Environmental Risk: Risk compliance, Agency Relations, Negative Pollution Publicity, Hazardous Materials

Cyber Security: Hacking, IT & Data Breach

Intellectual Property: IP Challenge, Counterfeiting, Patent, Trademark and Copyright Infringement Issues

Healthcare: Physician Practice, Dental Practice

Natural Disasters: Earthquakes, Floods, Tornadoes, Tsunamis, etc.

Civil and Political Unrest: Protests and Demonstrations

Terrorism: Terrorist Threats and Attacks

Public Health Issues: Contagious & Noncontagious, Regulatory Agency Compliance and Relations

Personal Reputation Management: Criminal Accusations, Personal Disclosure